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The kennels in Fremantle Road were originally the Police pound for stray dogs. In 1979 two sisters, Muriel and Iris Castle, who had been joint secretaries of the RSPCA in Great Yarmouth, together with people of like minds, approached the police with a view to taking over the running of the pound. This was agreed and initially a great deal of time was spent raising money to refurbish the kennels, and subsequently, mainly through legacies, we were able to purchase the kennels and bring them up to a more satisfactory condition.

In 1986 the Norfolk and Suffolk Animal Trust Deed was signed by Nellie Jordan, Daphne Brady, Lillian Carver and Shirley Welch. The purpose of the trust was “for the care and protection of animals, reptiles, birds and fish that are in need of care and attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, neglect or poor circumstances”.

The Trust is managed by a committee consisting of three officers, namely Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary plus six elected members who are all elected at the annual general meeting which takes place in March each year.

The Trust is run entirely by volunteers and as well as the day to day running of caring for the cats and dogs etc. a great deal of time is spent in raising funds. These include car boot sales, running our charity shop in Yarmouth, sponsored walks etc.

Our dogs are still housed in the original kennels in Fremantle Road in Yarmouth and a team of volunteers work on a rota system, thus ensuring the dogs are walked, fed and cared for on a regular basis. Shifts, which average 2 hours at a time start from 6.30 in the morning until 8.00 in the evening (this varies with the weather, time of year and number and condition of  dogs) so the dogs are never left on their own for more than 2 hours during the day.

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